What Is HDTV? What Is All This Stuff About?

What Is HDTV? Is Digital The Same As HDTV?

First of all, Digital TV and High Definition TV are not the same thing.

The Digital TV broadcast or transmission is the method used to carry Regular TV and / or Standard Definition, and also High Definition programs to your house.

High Definition TV refers to the display by your HDTV of these High resolution pictures.

Digital Television is about to replace analog television.

Analog is what you currently watch.

Box shaped TV sets and box shaped pictures...

Explanation of Digital and Analog.

Remember the old Saturday afternoon Cowboy and Indians TV shows?

No? Have you seen F Troop? :)

YouTube it...

Or, if you remember your history, you may remember the Indians used Smoke signals?

Stay with me...

The method that the Cavalry used to communicate was Yelling orders..

Actually much more than that, like Flags, Lanterns, Rockets, etc.. [ed]

Yelling orders was Slow and old fashioned.. That is analog...

The Indians, on the other hand, used smoke signals, which were a faster method of sending information.

If you used a blanket, and placed it over the smoking fire, you could encode or "digitize" your message...

Breaking up the smoke column, making smoke (1) and No smoke (0)

An analog signal is kind of like the smoke column...

Digital is a chopped up electronic version of the smoke column, which can then be transmitted at much higher speed.

A digital signal is simply made up of ones and zeros as well..

Therefore, Native Americans invented digital!

Bet you didn't learn that at school.

Hmmm... :)

Coincidentally, if something goes wrong with your electronics gear, smoke might come out.

It is well known in electronics circles that if the smoke gets out, the equipment is dead and may never work again. lol.

Pop quiz...

Do you know how your cellphone works? No?

But, of course, you can use it...

In that case the same thing can be said about digital TV.

Just plug it in and mess with the remote control.

That's how my kids got ours going too. :)

Old school TV..

Old school TV comes in one style, with Box shaped pictures, and mono or stereo sound.

Box shaped pictures are also called 4:3 aspect ratio.

Digital TV comes in three different flavors:

SD for standard definition TV or SDTV

These are TV sets that receive all Digital TV broadcasts and display in 4:3 aspect ratio, or display in widescreen. Stereo Sound.

ED for enhanced definition TV or EDTV

This is widescreen, but not quite as high resolution as HDTV. It also has improved digital sound.

HD for high definition TV or HDTV.

This is full on High Definition programming that has been shot with a high definition camera, in widescreen format, with digital multi channel stereo sound.


HDTV programs may be modified or "downscaled" or compressed during transmission to fit any format of the three.

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