Vizio HDTV? High Quality Meets Low Price? Or The Opposite?

Vizio HDTV? High Quality Meets Low Price? Or The Opposite?

How To get the best price and best value HD TV out there.

Vizio is the 3rd largest maker in the U.S by sales volume.

They make Vizio Plasma HDTV sets.

They also make Vizio LCD HD TV.

Vizio calls their HDTV sets Vizio FHDTV meaning Full High Definition TV.

This means that the model you are looking at has a 1920 x 1080p Panel and is the latest technology.

Using the following tips, look for a Vizio FHDTV that will be capable of displaying any current signal.

This way, you are ensuring that new technology will be catered for now, and at any time in the future.

Look for these numbers, to get TRUE Hi Def TV.

Number One specification to look for...

1920 X 1080P or simply 1080P.

Or in Vizio talk, Vizio FHDTV.

1080p is required in a High Definition TV, and this means the panel pixel count built in to the set.

2,073,000 pixels per panel.

Coupled with a Blu-Ray disc player, you will get the absolute finest picture in your home, like being at the movies...

Number 2 specification you must look for...

A 10 Bit display panel

The 10 bit display panel is necessary because the TV set can process all of the signals it receives at the highest resolution.

Sometimes, this information is hidden in a code, like Vizio Color..

The graphics processing board is 10 bit or better, and has built in upscaling.

That means you can provide low res video and it will "upscale" or expand it to fit the panel..

Number 3 spec you must look for...

High Quality Sound...

Why? Some brands have tiny speakers and cannot reproduce the bass sound or low notes.

However, the set below has great sound specs.

Check this model out, use this for practicing what you have learnt:


Check The Customer reviews you find online at Amazon and places like that...

These are from people who have bought a Vizio HDTV, and will list the pros and cons of a particular choice...

You will be able to pick the best Vizio HDTV sets easily using these simple tips.

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