Sony True HDTV?

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Sony True HDTV!

Best Brand, Best Model, Best Panel...

How Can You Tell?

It's simple to look at the specs or listen to the salesman say that they are walking out of the door..

But don't listen to sales folk trying to push a brand or model for her own reasons, you must take a stand and decide what you want first..

Step one..Select a Brand.. Your best brand, One you know or like that you will be comfortable with..

Step Two..Select a Model..

Step Three..Select a Panel Type..

For example, If you want a Sony, the fact is that they only make LCD.

Plasma is not an option.

So that makes it an easier choice instantly..

How to select a panel?

You can read reviews or study which panel is better than that one, or read reviews written by customers, or GooGle it..

But the amount of conflicting information may make you go into a tailspin.

So I will suggest the best model currently available in an average screen size, that is affordable, has great performance, and is a SONY!

A Sony Bravia KDL40W3100

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