Sharp HDTV? Are They Sharp?

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Sharp HDTV? Are They Just Good?

Sharp is a major Japanese maker of good quality LCD HDTV sets.

They also make HDTV projectors.

Look at these specifications below that ensure that you buy a set that will remain current for a long time.

This will enable you to pick sets that are TRUE Hi Def TV.

Consider this sample ad: Go ahead and search for this model in the box at the top of the page if it is not live.

Sharp Aquos LC42D64U 42" 1080p LCD HD TV

First thing to focus on...

Sharp 1920X1080P or simply 1080P.

This is must have in a HD TV, and describes the panel built in to the TV.

The panel is the screen, and will display any Hi Def TV signal you supply it...

Using a Blue-Ray disc player, and a HDMI cable, which enables 1080p in the Sharp, you will have a tremendous picture.

Number 2 spec to look for...

A 10 Bit panel

The 10 bit panel (or screen) is a required feature because this ensures that the TV set can reproduce the best contrast, brightness, and colors at the highest resolution.

Sometimes, this information is encoded, in a statement like Aquos engine with ASV technology..

Meaning that the graphic processor is 10 bit, and has extra high performance graphics and video enhancement features..

That means you can supply lower resolution video and it will upscale or expand it to fit the panel..

Number 3 feature you must look for...

Good Quality Sound / Speakers...

There is a huge difference between the various sets on sale.

Some of the sets I have seen have super small speakers inside.

That is, some of them are so small that they are unable to produce the bass notes that many movies have.

High pitch or reproduction on many sets is just as bad.

There are exceptions, like this set, but you must listen to the speaker system that is built in.

Check this set out, use it for practicing what you have learnt...

Check The Reviews as well, these are people who have bought a Sharp LCD.

You will be able to pick the best Sharp HDTV easily following this system.

Plasma versus LCD.

1080p versus 720p

8 bit versus 10 bit

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