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SDTV? What is It?

First of all, the term SD TV stands for Standard Definition TV.

SDTV is a term that simply refers to the lowest resolution available in the new digital TV system.

The lowest resolution is equivalent to DVD quality or 480i pixels, or 480 lines.

Both EDTV (480p) and HDTV (720p and 1080p) are much higher resolution than that.

And converting your current Old School TV set to digital requires only 1 easy step. All you need is a Digital Converter Box (DCB) or Set Top Box (STB) and a cable, which will come with your new box.

If you take a look on the back, or sometimes they are at the front or side of your CRT TV, you will see a Yellow, Red, and White (or black) set of connectors. If you have an LCD TV which does not receive digital TV, you can use a DCB or the Best HDTV Converter and convert your LCD to Digital.

The best thing is that you can use an HDTV converter box and convert your LCD To HDTV... If you want to convert your Plasma TV, Plasma TV and convert it to HDTV, it is the same deal.

Just look on the back of your set for the component inputs, which means you need to use the red, green, and blue cables that came with your box.

This will give you higher resolution capability than the standard yellow video cable.

Or: Just plug the cable with red, white and yellow plugs, which is packed with your new converter box into those same colored sockets on your TV, and plug into the converter box as well...

PS...Don't worry if you don't have one of the colored sockets, either white or red, because generally, just plugging one in will give you 1 channel...

(Usually the white cable, but otherwise, use the red)

This will give you 2 channel sound on a single speaker, or mono if your TV set is REALLY ancient...

Now, plug your antenna into the Converter box or STB, and read the manual that came in the box for tuning instructions.

Then switch your TV on. And switch the STB on.

If you are lucky, as soon as you switch it on, it may automatically set up all of your local channels, otherwise, you can look in the manual for tuning instructions.

Or do as I do, and grab the remote control and fiddle with the menus and work it out that way.

You can't hurt anything, and it is a simple matter to tune it in...

Now, sit back, and use the remote control to check out all your new channels on your New Digital TV!!

Now you have a Digital Standard Definition TV set!

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