Samsung LCD HDTV.. The Best? Or Not? We Find Out...

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Samsung LCD HDTV.. We Find Out...

Last year, Samsung spent Billions on Research.

And millions in marketing.

It has spent 80 million a year for the last 5 years on Marketing alone.

They have outspent everyone else, including the biggest TV makers and are now No 1 in the US up there with Sony (2) and Vizio (3)

Soon, we will have worldwide digital broadcasting, and HDTV is a big part of that.

Plasma HD TV is expected to climb in numbers sold over the next 10 years, as the manufacturers ramp up production.

But LCD is currently enjoying phenomenal success as the onlyTV technology that can display in all the various formats with ease.

For example, Laptop panels, Computer displays, Checkout panels, Standard definition panels, and Enhanced Definition TV and High Definition TV panels, or Hi Def TV. Small and Large.

Plasma? available in TV only. In Large sizes. Only.

Why? Because it's easy to make large plasma panels, but hard to make them High resolution.

But, It's easier to make LCD panels High resolution and it's easier to make them small, harder to make them large...

Or it has been. Now, LCD has caught up...

Samsung is making large, high quality LCD HDTV sets as well..

Now there is more to it than that, but, that will do on this page.

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LCD? Follow on down the page...

Now with all this market dominance, it's easy to pick a display for your purposes.

But the one thing that makes it difficult to purchase a HDTV is the various High Tech Talk that surrounds HDTV at the moment.

Especially LCD vs Plasma, all that Geeky waffle will make you reach for the barf bag.

All you need is just a few simple facts to go looking for great Samsung LCD HDTV's with..

Samsung HDTV.. How To Get The Hottest TV

LCD versus Plasma? Which One Is The Best?

When searching for a Samsung LCD HDTV, look for these things it must have to buy a TRUE HDTV set.

Number 1...

1920X1080P or 1080P.

In an LCD HDTV this is the panel that the TV has built in to it.

The panel is the screen you watch, and to be considered Full High Definition, it must have one.

Using a BlueRay High Definition disc player, you will get 1080p pictures.

Number 2.

A 10 Bit panel

A 10 bit panel is necessary to display all of the signals it receives at the highest possible resolution.

Also it ensures that the processing circuitry is 10 bit or better.

Number 3.

High Quality Sound Speakers...

Major variance between many of the sets out there.

Some of the HD sets out there have sub standard speakers.

Not this unit though.

The TV has built in subwoofers as well as the 2 front firing speakers, and the regular optical surround output capabilities if you have a surround sound system.

But even if you don't this TV has a built in Surround sound processor that gives a very good surround simulation on the built in speakers.

The Samsung 81 series has LED backlighting, giving a dynamic contrast ratio up to 100,000:1

Also 10-bit processing, 8ms response time, tons of connector options.

You will be able to pick the best Samsung LCD HDTV by following this 3 step method...

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