Samsung HDTV? How To Pick The Good...

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Samsung HDTV? How To Select The Best ...

Samsung is currently one of the the largest manufacturers that makes Plasma HDTV, LCD HDTV, And Rear Projection HDTV.

However, You don't want to pick a model that will be superseded and be old tech as soon as you leave the store.

With Samsung's research spending in the billions of dollars, that is unlikely to happen, but you still need to look for the following.

Aim for the 3 simple features below, that you must get to ensure you stay with the most current technology.

Number 1...

1920 x 1080P or 1080P.

This describes the quality of flat panel that the HD TV has built in to it.

The panel is the screen, and it should be able to display any High Definition signal you supply it...

Number 2

10 Bit panel and processing circuitry

A 10 bit panel or screen is a requirement along with the processing board which drives it.

This provides the panel with the highest quality signals to drive the screen to produce it's full capability of contrast, brightness and color output.

Number 3..

High Quality Sound...

This can vary dramatically with some models having great sound output, and some models having very tinny speakers.

The best way to find this out is by reading customer reports, these are available here.. Samsung LNT-4081F Customer Reviews

Or failing that, if you can go to the stores and see and hear the one you want in action.


The Samsung LNT-4081F LED 120Hz LCD HDTV (US) series, has LED backlighting, and a contrast ratio up to 100,000:1.

The incredible claim for contrast ratio can be put down to active light switching sections of the backlight led array.

The Smart Lighting system changes brightness of groups of LEDS.

This is to maximize contrast across the range of gray scale, from dark to bright.

These LED backlight panels do not add greatly to the cost of the TV.

Brightness and color is improved massively.

Pulsing or strobing action improves high speed motion also.

It has a 10 Bit panel, 10-bit processing, 8ms response time, tons of connector options, and great built in sound.

The TV has built in subwoofers as well as the 2 front firing speakers, and the regular surround output capabilities if you have a surround sound system.

Test your knowledge with a look at the Spec Sheet

This is an example of Samsung HDTV research leadership.

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