Plasma Problems: What is the life span of a Plasma TV?

Plasma Problems? How Many Years Can I expect?

How long will a plasma display panel last?

At this stage, because Plasma is a recent technology, we can only go on what manufacturers tell us: 60,000 hrs until half life.

Half life meaning: Half as bright as a new panel.

What this means is that after this time, the panels light output will be at half of new brightness output.

Like a fluorescent tube, which gets dimmer the older it gets.

The plasma or gas discharge referred to in the name is also how the light is produced in a regular fluorescent tube.

The difference is the individual tubes in a Plasma panel are microscopic.

There are over 2 million miniature lamps in a 1080P plasma panel.

Back to Lifespan. 60,000 hours equates to 26 years at 6 hours a day.

Most people use their current CRT and Plasma or LCD sets for at least 8 to 10 hrs a day.

There are 8760 hrs in a year, so if you watch the thing 24/7 that is 6.8 years.

That is still a long time.

Maybe you will use it a couple hrs for breakfast shows in the morning, then switch on for the little kids (or grandkids) to watch till before lunch.

Then switched on again when the kids come home from school. Then it may run until 9 or 10 pm.

That's 12 hrs or so.

Whatever. They should last a long time? You bet.

The possibility of failure of one of the high power output Scan or Sustain drive boards in a plasma TV is much higher.

One of the most common problems with Plasma is broken panels.

Yep, they can break. Easily.

Don't play catch in the loungeroom, especially with items like remote controls, balls, cushions, etc.

It's not fun to find your panel cracked after what you thought was only a light tap.

Also protect the set from tipping over.

They can overbalance surprisingly easily.

Don't let kids climb on them, or large pets run in behind the stand and push it over.

The whole screen is a glass envelope, filled with gas, and is not protected from breakage.

Unlike an old school CRT TV, which has a bulletproof front screen.

Preliminary warnings are:

Be careful carrying flat panel tv's, they can be twisted while moving and can snap from stress, so treat them as fragile, just like a flourescent tube.

Especially when they are hot.

Allow the set to cool down if you must move them, and always use 2 people for lifting at least.

These suckers can be REAL heavy.

60" Plasma HDTV sets can weigh in around 150lbs.

Don't drop that much weight! YOU'LL be the biggest loser!

Sorry. :)

The carton usually shows lifting instructions.

No carton? Keep your carton if you can.

Lift by the edges underneath the panel.

Don't lift by the speakers which are edge mounted in some models.

Plasma problems caused by handling errors are very common.

Just Google the phrase "Plasma problems" or "broken plasma panel"

Wii remote users, just remember to buy a Wii proof set!

No joke.

A plasma panel is able to withstand approximately the force of a small apple (fruit) dropped from 1 metre.

Not much force in that, you will agree...

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