How To Avoid Plasma Burn...

Plasma burn. Is Burn In Common?

Well, manufacturers certainly say NO.

But they would, wouldn't they...

Because the brightness level of Plasma displays is much greater than other types of display, with the exception of CRT, (Cathode Ray Tube, or Old School regular TV sets ) it COULD be a problem...

Because the screen is made with phosphor, like crt tv's.

Maybe that is where the theory comes from..

And in the past, older plasma displays DID suffer from burn in, back in the sixties!

Image burn is very common in CRT screens that display bright text 24/7.

Everybody has seen this effect somewhere, even if you didn't recognize it.

Basically, the image remains on the screen even when the set is switched off.

You may have noticed this effect in security monitors, where a graphic text is displayed all day.

Not many people actually have problems with burn in on Plasma screens because of the fact that Plasma is built to be more resistant to burn in than CRT.

So the stories about burn in are more common than the actual fact.

However, if you have burn in or suspect it, or want to prevent it, check this: How To Prevent and Fix Burn In...

As a matter of fact, the display of a static image (example, game logos etc) produces an after image like burn, on some plasma sets.

After resuming normal tv programming, most or all signs of the image disappear.

However, because of the half life of plasma screens, (60,000 hrs or more) the constant display of 4:3 pictures on what is a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen set can produce a nasty brightness difference between the areas that were used more often, namely the sides or the top black areas.

Again, because of the built in anti burn features, the plasma screen recovers quickly.

Burn in is very common problem on CRT Projection TV's, however.

I have lost count of the number of sets I have seen with this problem, and the burn effect makes the colours weaker, the screen has a colour cast to it, like a brown misty effect, not to mention the areas which have been "less used" are still at normal brightness.

The top and bottom of the display are noticeably brighter .

Take home message..

TALK of burn in is more common than the actual effect, which is rare now, since manufacturers take it in to account and build in anti burn technology into the sets.

Modern Plasma displays have more than one built in screen protection function that will help to reduce or eliminate Plasma Burn...

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