Mitsubishi HDTV? Leap To The Front Of The Line..

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Mitsubishi HDTV? How To Jump The Queue...

Mitsubishi is currently one of the major manufacturers that makes LCD HDTV, and Rear Projection DLP HDTV.

Look for the following must have features, because these features will ensure that you don't buy a HDTV that will be made redundant quickly.

You will find this system will automatically disqualify HDTV sets that are not TRUE HDTV.

The HD performance will be the best available out there.

When reading ads, look for the following descriptions, or specifications of features you must get to buy a TRUE HDTV set.

Number 1 feature you must look for...

1920X1080P or simply 1080P.

This is a must have for an HDTV set, as this describes the panel that is inside of it.

The panel is the display or the screen, and it will be capable of displaying any HD signal you give it...

If you have a BlueRay or a HD DVD player, you will find that the TV displays everything in native High Definition.

Number 2 feature you must look for...

A 10 Bit panel

The 10 bit panel (or screen) is a necessary feature because you are ensuring that the TV set can process all of the signals it receives at the highest resolution.

Number 3 feature you must look for...

Good Quality Sound / Speakers...

Now this will be a major difference between many of the sets out there.

Some of the HDTV sets I have seen have absolutely abysmal speakers built in.

That is, some of them are so small that they cannot reproduce the bass sound or low notes that many movies can produce, and treble reproduction on many sets is just as bad.

There are exceptions, but you must listen to the speaker system that is built in.

An example TV that fits these criteria from Mitsubishi...

Mitsubishi LT-40134 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV.

Mitsubishi is taking color to a new level with x.v.Color support and Mitsubishi’s Full Spectrum Color.

Mitsubishi’s Full Spectrum Color results in 25% more color than standard LCD.

Reds and yellows become more vivid and there are more available shades of green, cyan and blue resulting in a more vivid and more realistic image.

With an ultra thin frame, high quality hidden speakers and its ultra-compact design, the LT-40134 lets you get a larger screen in less space than ever before!

Have a listen as well, if you can, to a High Definition Movie like Batman Begins, or some other movies with a good soundtrack.

You will be able to pick the top Mitsubishi HDTV with these ideas.

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