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LG HDTV.. You Just Can't Go Wrong...

How To figure out which HDTV is the top of the line.

LG is a major Korean manufacturer of a large range of LG Plasma HDTV.

They also make LG LCD HDTV, and Rear Projection HDTV.

When you search Advertisements and sales blurbs, search for the following details that will ensure you don't buy a HD TV that will become old hat too quickly.

Using this method of analysing specifications will delete any lower quality models that are not TRUE HDTV from your list.

Look for these details or specs you must have to get Real Hi Definition TV.

First must have to scan for...

LG 1920X1080P or simply LG 1080P.

This is must have feature in a HDTV because it gives the exact dimensions of the panel built in to the HDTV in pixels.

Pixels are the individual elements which make up the panel, and in this case, there are 2,073,000 of them..

The panel is the screen which you watch, and it will be capable of displaying HD signals with no compression or "downscaling".

Using a Blu-Ray disc player, you will get the finest picture you could hope for.

Number 2 feature you must look for...

A 10 Bit panel

The 10 bit panel (or screen) is a necessary feature because you are ensuring that the TV set can process all of the signals it receives at the highest resolution.

Sometimes, this information is hidden in a code, like XD Engine, Super IPS Video Processing And Scaling..

Meaning that the processor is a new type, 10 bit or better, and has built in scaling features..

That means you can supply lower resolution video and it will upscale or expand it to fit the panel..

Number 3 feature you must look for...

Good Quality Sound / Speakers...

There is a huge difference between the various tv sets on sale.

Some of the HDTV sets I have seen have absolutely pathetic speakers inside.

That is, some of them are so small that they cannot reproduce the bass sound or low notes that many movies can produce, and treble reproduction on many sets is just as bad.

So look for the information about sound output quality.

Check this LG LCD HDTV out, use it for practicing what you have learnt...LG 47LC7DF 47-inch 1080p LCD HDTV... No 1 Sales Volume At Amazon

Look at the customer reviews here and scroll down.

You can check what other people who have bought this TV have to say about it.

It is the best way to know about these TV sets in advance, and this site is also extremely trustworthy.

You will be able to pick the best LG HDTV easily using these simple tips.

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