LCD Versus Plasma Burn Out Problems?

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Are LCD Versus Plasma Panels Inferior?

Or The Other Way Around?

I personally have swapped 5 Plasma Panels out of Customer HDTV's in the last week.

They all had the same fault. No Picture Output.

Basically, worn out.

And don't ask what brand or model they were.

No Names, no pack drill. :]

But I have only changed one LCD panel in months, and it was not worn out, basically the set had been dropped and was broken.

Now admittedly, these panels were changed over under warranty, and did not cost their owners a cent.

This Does Not count frustration and disappointment on the owner's behalf though.

The panels for the Plasma sets come with all driver boards fitted, and all that needs to be done is that the power supply is fitted, and the panel is replaced as a unit.

This takes about an hour and a half, and for that, the customer gets almost a brand new TV.

These panels are not cheap either. The wholesale list price is about a third of a new TV.

So based on that I recommend LCD right now, and there are other reasons for that.

Pioneer has stopped making Plasma TV sets.

Pioneer has been up till now the premier manufacturer of Plasma HDTV sets in the market.

And are teaming with Sharp to produce Pioneer badged LCD units.

That is enough for me to have a leaning towards LCD TV.

Also US sales figures are tending to swing heavily towards LCD Vs Plasma.

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