LCD TV? Don't get ripped off:

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Inside those bargain LCD tv's there is a huge difference in quality of components.

The inside of the set is where the picture you watch is built.

The innards of a flat panel LCD involve major areas which we can consider individually.

The LCD Panel:

This must be made to a high standard for the tv to produce high resolution and quality pictures and must be capable of at least 720p or 1080p.

Why? Go here... 1080p LCD panels explained [New Window]

If it is 720p or 1080p the panel will therefore be a 10 bit model that is able to display the full range of colors and brightness levels.

Because this type of panel will require 10 Bit processing, it will be driven by 10 bit or better video processing circuitry.

This board will contain the highest level and best quality chips, from the same maker, or a known high quality chip maker.

Why: Go here... 10 Bit vs 8 Bit Explained [New Window]

If on the other hand, the panel is made by a budget supplier that is mainly concerned with the lowest price they can sell panels for:

Then it will likely contain cheap, no name brand panels and chips on the boards..

And they could be 8 bit: or far worse, 6 bit.

This type of panel and processor will give a very sub standard picture, prone to Solarization. Explained here... [New Window] and giving you ghastly picture quality.

You can't take the back off the set if you want to check this though, but you will need this information when shopping or you may get burned by a junk LCD.

How to check for these things?

Look for a well known brand name LCD TV.

Unfortunately, those cheap bargain brands that you have never heard of are likely to have lcd panels made by one of those budget suppliers.

Look for one that specifies these details in the sales literature, and using the internet is a fast way to compare.

They may list the actual specifications, and look for 1080p lcd or 720p lcd.

Now look further into the ad spiel, and find video processing.

You should look for sentences like "Full range video and color reproduction" or something similar..

One final thing to look for, if you are buying a smaller set, is the quality of the built in speakers.

Be warned, some sets have shocking speakers built in, so look for "full range" "full bass" "virtual surround" and phrases of that nature.

This information is easy to remember and will be invaluable in your search for the quality that is out there.

720p vs 1080p?

In this range, cost is a major consideration when purchasing.

One thing to remember, if you want to watch a lot of sports, fast motion type programs, 720p LCD is your best choice.

It handles fast motion well.

On the other hand, for quality reproduction, go for a 1080p LCD.

You will pay a premium for this though, but it is worth it.

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