LCD TV Reviews? Are They Real?

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LCD TV Reviews? Are They Just Advertorials?

Most review sites and "reviews" on the net are thinly disguised advertorials.

Selling every kind of product via recommendation, but it is the kind of advice that you can't trust.

For example, how any adverts on TV are for a brand of pimple wash that is simply that kind of advertorial?

Or maybe they are selling some other product that you don't want.

They are really easy to spot... [pardon the pun]

But You actually can find real reviews on the net that are much more truthful than some fake review site on the web simply looking for hits...

That is customer reviews.

Actual people who have purchased one of the sets that you want, and has all the info you need to make your decision.

All the pros and cons and details about the picture quality, sound, whether it has good looks when installed...

Included extras like stands, whether the remote control has back lighting for darkened rooms, and other things that you may not think of...

Whether there is an issue with the shipping, and other stuff that is of interest to you.

But the problem here is, where do you find the range of products, the depth of information and the trustworthiness that you need?

Just look here for Customer Reviews...

They are real LCD TV reviews by people who have purchased a TV from Amazon and are warts and all...

Also for all the back ground info you need about HDTV, check this out...HDTV 101.. All about High Definition TV


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