LCD tv 1080p? Do I need this?

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What about a good reason to get a LCD TV 1080p?

First of all, what IS a 1080p panel?

The panel or screen display is what you are watching and it is built of pixels or PICture ELements.

PIX ELS. That is where the name comes from.

OK here's the thing, the pixel count is what determines whether it can display a 1080p picture in native mode.


The 1080p panel has a fixed pixel number of 2,073,000 pixels and can only display in that format, so everything that doesn't fit the panel must be processed or expanded to fit.

This is just how LCD or any digital flat panel tv with fixed pixels works.

A 1080p picture or signal can come from a Blu-Ray disc player or a PS3, or an Upconverting DVD player.

The signal is displayed just as it comes from the unit at 1080p, via a HDMI cable, the easiest to use cable option currently for 1080p connection.

Any other signal will be upconverted or upscaled in the built in video processing hardware inside the set to 1080p.

Naturally the quality of LCD panel and the quality of video hardware will mean the best results, more here.. 8 bit vs 10 bit...[New Window]

This leads to a special case of cheaper selling of lcd flat panel which have an 8 bit or 6 bit panel and processing hardware.

Now when these sets have a 6 or 8 bit panel, for very involved reasons, you can almost bet that it will be a fast 8ms panel.

Simply because the math that the circuitry performs on the video signal is easier, and faster, so takes less time.

And that it is a smaller screen size usually less than 26", and it is also possible that it is a panel originally designed for computer display. Meaning cheaper, no name brands.

On the other hand, 10 bit panels can be made fast using new technology, and they will have to be much higher quality, because generally they are made only by a few well known manufacturers.

Only a select group of manufacturers actuall make their own glass for lcd flat panels.

10 bit lcd flat panels are more than fast enough to handle the display of 1080p video signals and 10 bit video processing is also much higher quality, better for movies etc.

That being said, surprisingly the best panel to get if you are a sports nut is 720p.

Video displayed on this type of panel is lower detail but better for high speed motion.

This benefit will eventually be cancelled out with a LCD TV 1080p display with 120hz refresh.

This technology is becoming more common now.

Also 1080p 50/60 hertz technology.

We'll leave that subject for a later discussion

The take home message from all of this is, 1080p is the display of choice for people who want to take advantage of HDTV to the maximum.

But You must stick with known name brands, and that way, you ensure that you get at least a 10 bit panel and at minimum 10 bit processing.

Otherwise, you are not getting a quality LCD TV 1080p.

Which should reproduce TRUE HD TV, with maximum contrast, brightness, and color and therefore ensuring quality picture reproduction.

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