How do you select an LCD HDTV?

Hidden LCD HD TV Secrets Exposed

Do you need to understand how an LCD HDTV works to use one?


But you do need to know how to pick the best value hdtv, and just consider for a moment...

The secret is out..

LCD is currently winning the sales war by sales volume.

Q4 2007 was the first time that has happened.

LCD TV is already dominant in small flat panel screen sizes, and now because the manufacturers have been making ever larger screens...

LCD will soon own the market.

This has a bearing on how soon HDTV will become purely LCD.

Flat panels are more and more being built to higher standards with more pixels per panel, as in the following:

The highest available 1080p lcd hdtv specifications:

2,073,000 pixels per panel.

This equals 1920 multiplied by 1080.

And this resolution is available in ever smaller sizes, for example, 42", and on down to 32 lcd hdtv, 26 lcd, and so on down in size.

Can Plasma be made that small?

No. Plasma can't be price competitive in small screens compared to LCD in 1080p format.

Because it is very difficult and expensive to make Plasma panels smaller than around 40" and also be HD 1080p panels:

Reasons: overheat, pixels not firing correctly, and other problems.

That is one of the hidden secrets plasma versus LCD HD TV wise and is already obvious in declining plasma sales.

Not to say that the manufacturers won't try to do it though.

Recently, major highly rated plasma makers like Pioneer have thrown in the towel.

And announced that Sharp is making their LCD panels and Panasonic is making Plasma panels for them.

How often have you heard people say "Which is best?

LCD or Plasma HDTV?

Read on to find out what you need to consider to decide that question.

The first is that the Native Resolution of the HDTV in question should be 1920 x 1080 pixels (PICture ELements.. or PIX ELS)

Otherwise, you will not see TRUE High Definition.

The second thing to consider is, will you be using the TV for Broadcast HDTV, or HD Gaming, or Blu-Ray Discs, Cable or Satellite?

For Gaming:

You WILL need 1920 x 1080P for HD Games, on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 Elite

High Definition Movies:

Yes you will need 1920 x 1080P for BluRay HD Movies from a PS3 or a Blu-Ray disc player, or even an Upconverting DVD disc player. Broadcast or Free Over The Air HDTV.. 1080i versus 720p.

At this moment, not all TV Networks are broadcasting HDTV signals, and if so, only at some times.

That's not so bad if you only want 720p for sports, which is the best performer for fast motion, car racing, etc...

But some stations also transmit 1080i.

1080i is a little confusing, until you realize that 1080i is a virtual size. Not a real physical panel size.

It exists only as a video signal, because all flat panels are progressive.

Meaning, no lines are displayed.

All you need to remember is that the signal is adjusted by the internal processor of the set to fit the panel.

The larger 1080i picture is made to fit the smaller 720p panel by "downscaling" or compressing the picture in a graphics chip inside the TV.

Conversely, a 720p picture is upscaled or expanded to fit the physically larger 1080p panel.

Either way, if you go for either 720p or 1080p, the FTA channels are going to be displayed just fine.

The Free To Air networks will be under pressure to lift their game pretty soon, and start transmitting 1080p.

The number of 1080p capable HDTV sets out there, and the massive number of 1080p Blu-Ray titles that are about to flood the stores will ensure that.

Why You Must Have 1080p. Explained..

There is another interesting thing about LCD panels, and that is 10 Bit vs 8 Bit? What Is The Difference?

There is also a piece of information in regard to LCD TV panels that you should not go shopping without.

That is, don't buy Cheap LCD TV? Why you shouldn't... If you do buy a 720p set, and accept fewer pixels, lower specs and get cheaper prices now, and think you may sell it in a couple years time when it is time to upgrade..

You may need to give it away..

Because, it won't be worth anything then.

If you do consider a 720p set, It's not TRUE HDTV.. And if Full HDTV is what you want, then..

The numbers to look at when selecting an LCD HDTV is the panel pixel count (1920 x 1080p)

You may see a P after the pixel count number, that means progressive. Meaning.. No lines.

Your current Old Square Box TV will have horizontal LINES on the picture if you look at it closely, if it has a CRT.

FACT: the reason that LCD and Plasma are different is because of the way the Panels are made.

It is easier and cheaper to make LARGE Plasma panels, but harder and more expensive to make them High Definition.

On the other hand, it is easy to make LCD panels High Definition, but harder and more expensive to make them LARGE.

That is changing fast, and the electronics companies are fighting it out in the market right now.

How To Pick An LCD TV that contains a cheap panel?

A sure fire method is:

Stand close to the screen and either look down at the screen, or look up at the screen from below.

If the picture changes color or becomes negative, bingo.

Don't buy it. How To Pick The Best LCD TV? Can you trust those LCD TV reviews that are out there?

Well that depends on quite a few things... LCD TV Reviews? Can I trust them? Reviews and Ratings for LCD HDTV are considered differently, some people think LCD TV Ratings are reliable? Can you believe them?

You may be considering the old debate about LCD vs Plasma ? debate.

There have been rumbles in the news about deceptive advertising in relation to LCD HDTV and Plasma HDTV.

Some companies are saying their product is HD when it is not.

If you want to get a True LCD HDTV...

DON'T BUY TV Sets Marketed as HD READY or HDTV Ready SETS...

Examples of FULL LCD HDTV Sets:

Samsung LCD HD TV: Top Research Result...

Sony Bravia LCD HD TV: The Best Of The Best!

Customers Rave About Toshiba Regza LCD HD TV

Best Value HDTV? How Can I Know For Sure?

One of the questions that I am often asked is "How Do I Clean My LCD or Plasma Screen?

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