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HDTV Info? What Are The Secrets Of Hi Definition?

What follows is a simplified version of what happens inside a HDTV..

The TV you watch now is an analog system TV, and is a box shaped picture or 4:3 aspect ratio in a box shaped set.

HDTV Info, on the other hand is digital.

High Definition TV or HD TV is a High Resolution Widescreen TV System with Digital Surround Sound.

HD relates to the resolution of the display panel, which is the the screen inside the set, that produces the picture that you can see.

A flat panel, either LCD or Plasma, that is 1280 x 1080p has 2,073,000 pixels inside it.

This is where the 1080p HD TV comes from.

In the case of Plasma HD TV, the pixels or PIcture ELements that make up the picture on the screen, are made up of tiny individual cells that are like red, green and blue microscopic flourescent tubes.

In LCD panels, the screen is a sandwich of microscopic liquid shutters which allows red, green, and blue light through to the screen.

The red, green and blue colours are combined through a trick of the eye and your brain, into full colour high resolution images.

The signal which feeds the LCD HD TV or Plasma HD TV panels comes from a digital processor or micro computer circuit board.

This board converts the signals from the input board and sends them to the display panel in the format that the panel understands for display.

The input board handles the signals that you want to watch, these signals are all fed through switching mechanisms which you control with your remote, and they can be Analog TV, Digital TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Component, HDMI, DVI, PC or simply Video.

The signal moves like this: Input, Digital Processor, Panel.

Once displayed on screen, it is in Widescreen format or 16:9 aspect ratio which is closer to the Cinema style widescreen display.

Compare that to your Old Square Box Type TV, which is 4:3 aspect ratio.

Also it is accompanied by digital stereo and /or surround sound which again, simulates the motion picture environment on your home High Def TV!

Aspect Ratio is demystified HERE.. (New Window) One of the big secrets they won't tell you is about the types of panels that are used in various LCD and Plasma models.

The manufacturers can use any kind of panel that suits their design and cost structure, and a discussion follows about two of them, 10 Bit vs 8 Bit Panels.. For easy to understand secrets and facts about HD TV and LCD vs Plasma, go to HDTV Info Links How to make sure that You Get The Best Pictures On Your HD TV And there is one other surprise waiting for those about to begin game playing on a Plasma or LCD set.

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