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HDTV TV? Fast FAQ. Non Geeky attitude..

There are loads of HDTV TV models, brands like Sony, Panasonic, Philips, JVC, LG, Samsung and more..|

The choices include two kinds of flat panels, LCD HDTV and Plasma HDTV.

Naturally, rear projection HDTV and even various models of HDTV projector that use newer technologies are muscling in.

But the major sales are going to Plasma HDTV and LCD HDTV, with neither one giving an inch to the other.

Which screen size? In a bedroom, a smaller room like a den or kitchen, a 20 to 32 inch flat-panel LCD TV makes the most sense, HD or not.

However, don’t forget the kids, they will prefer a HDTV monitor, which is widescreen natch, at the very least, to watch TV, movies and play games.(HDTV, courtesy Xbox 360 or PS3 of course)

Caveat: Xbox 360 use a VGA cable not HDMI cable, which means, 1080i (lines) not 1080P (no lines) like the PS3.So, you need the Xbox 360 Elite which DOES have HDMI!One Ring of Light to Rule them All!! :)

These both could use the computer monitor as well.

A larger room? Where the TV is 9 feet or more away from you, require a HDTV TV screen that's upward from 32 inch, and some of the sizes available are amazing..

But for the Home theater experience? Lights out style, it has to be a HDTV Rear Projection set.

In this range, rear-projection HDTV sets are LCD HDTV, DLP HDTV (digital light processing) or liquid crystal on silicon technology (Sony name is SXRD; JVC calls it LCOS).

A monster picture? For filling walls think HDTV projector.

Lighting, seating position and stereo surround sound should be considered if you have plenty of room.

Plasma wins out if you have an average level of brightness in your lounge room.

Response time is a consideration, and a large Plasma is hard to beat for sport, because of the panel response time.

LCD is catching up fast in that area though.

Plasma produces the best blacks for flat panels, and grays are more accurate. Again, LCD is really close in this area too.

In a modern brightly lit room? LCD wins here, because of the LCD panel’s superior light output.

Any extra bright doorways or windows? They can reflect on the screen. This applies to all sets, though most sets have an anti glare or anti reflective coating that minimizes this..

HDTV DLP sets are in between LCD HDTV and Plasma HDTV, because they need a normally lit or darkened room.

A HDTV Projector is the same.

Don't forget the cost of the lamps, Rear Projection sets have them too.. and DLP and Projectors have lamps , and you need to replace it every time it burns out.

Time to blow varies from 1500 hrs to 4000hrs.They are EXPENSIVE...

Where you will see much higher quality and detail, is with True HDTV 1920x1080p HD movies either on Blu-ray disc players, or PlayStation 3, which has a Blu-Ray disc player built in.

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