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Old fashioned square box TV's use the analog TV system, also called SDTV, which is being replaced by a more efficient and capable system, Digital TV.

Digital TV is the method used to transmit both Standard Definition and High Definition Television programming, whether it is a DVD player, an FTA TV station, or a Cable Network or Satellite Network.

SDTV [Standard Television] is standard old square box TV,[Also called 4:3 aspect ratio] with Stereo sound.

HDTV [High Definition] is the method that has become more fashionable and demand has climbed since Plasma and LCD TV sets have become commonplace in stores because it is widescreen, and has much improved digital picture and sound...

Remember, Digital TV and HDTV are not the same thing.

A HDTV will not necessarily improve the old Standard Definition programming that is currently staple fare of the Networks.

What is required for this improvement to be obvious is the supply of High Definition Content programming to the set.

The suppliers of HDTV programming are:

Cable Networks: Cable networks in your area can supply HD programming, if you specify when ordering.

However, just connecting your existing cable service will not improve the picture that you see.

You will need to specify that you want HD programming.

Satellite Networks:DishNetwork and DirecTV... as for cable...

Free OTA Antenna reception: You need an Antenna, and nearly all HDTV sets made now can tune and receive the stations.

However, Cable or Satellite companies also carry these FTA channels for free.

You will need a TV with an analog type tuner, again, most sets have this as well as Digital tuners built in.

Of course, if you have Analog channels now, after the cutoff date, (See DTV 2009 below) you will just have Digital channels only.

But the trade off is worth it for better OTA reception.

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Game Machines: The Playstation 3 or PS3 has a Blu-Ray HD drive built right in.

Also it can play your standard DVD discs and "upscale" or expand the picture to fit the HDTV with widescreen and no lines...[or progressive scanning]

This can increase your enjoyment of older movies in your collection by improving the playback quality.

High Definition Disc Players...

There is only one on the market at the moment, and it is called a Blu-Ray Disc Player, which plays HD movies, with 1080p resolution

[The highest available resolution at the moment, and digital surround sound capable.]

DVD Upconverting disc players... These play a regular DVD, and upscale it to the highest resolution or 1080p.

This improves the disc playback immensely in most cases by removing lines or deinterlacing, and expanding the picture to fit the panel.

HDTV Television is a major improvement on SDTV because of all these factors.

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