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HDTV Sony. What To Look For.

Sony makes great TV sets, but they also make different models to suit every price point and budget.

How do they do that?

By making the top of the line TV, and removing some features or shaving some performance off here and there.

Do I mean that the famous Sony make "budget" sets?

Well, not really, but they do shave picture performance or sound performance to reduce the price so that it falls into a certain price bracket.

This is called giving consumers choice.

So how to detect these things quickly so that you know what you are getting?

We need to take a few details into consideration here.

Just because "It's A Sony" doesn't mean that it automatically vaults into the ranks of Full HDTV...

It could be an EDTV? Or an HD Ready TV.

How to tell?

As you will see, it really does matter just what the numbers mean.

When you research those ads that say HD ready TV, 1366x768, and so on.

The major feature that makes it a True HDTV is:


Because if it contains a 1080p panel, the following features will be inside the set as well.

The TV Therefore Must have a Full 10 Bit Panel.

And the TV must therefore have Full 10 Bit Processing circuitry.

Good quality sound and or speakers should also be mentioned.

This information should be available in the ad, or in the store where the set is displayed for sale.

If not, simply search for an ad and use the information you have learnt here to decide which set meets your needs.

Get the Brand, Model Name, and model number such as:

Sony Bravia KDL-40V3000 LCD HDTV

Armed with this information, you will have no trouble whatsoever selecting the best model out there for the best price.

The reason is that the pictures that will be displayed are going to be TRUE HD.

This is dependent also on the signal which is fed to the set.

If you have a Blu-Ray 1080p player which plays High Definition movies, It will also "upscale" or expand the standard DVD playback resolution to 1080p.

The 1080p signal is the same resolution as the panel, so that the set will simply display that image at full resolution.

While the standard DVD disc playback is much improved, and the picture will be at full 1080p resolution, the DVD disc is still the same movie.

However, you need to use High Definition Blu-Ray movies, to get the benefit of Full HDTV

Sony Style.

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