HDTV Receiver?

HDTV Receiver?

This is the answer for those people who want a high quality High Definition Digital TV signal receiver that improves your reception.

While the improvement is not obvious to the eye, the use of an external unit that has better fringe area performance may allow the reception and viewing of stations that a standard built in tuner will allow.

It also may have an improved TV format selection than what you have with a standard digital TV.

This will allow you to also use a standard TV 4:3 set or a widescreen set if you want to.

You may also have an improved on screen programming guide or a electronic program guide (EPG)

This will be a welcome improvement over the standard newspaper style program guide.

An EPG is an indispensible part of modern Digital TV sets, however in many units it is poorly implemented.

You need to check this feature out before you buy, as once you have used one, you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

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