Do you suffer HDTV Lag playing Games on your HDTV?

HDTV Lag? Want To Fix It?

Simply put, this is a term for the problem experienced by the players of older console game units, like Xbox, PS2, etc.

Meaning, Non High Definition Game Consoles.

Some High Definition Consoles are the PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite..

While playing a speed or reaction sensitive game on these older units, the player experiences a difference in speed between the game controller, and the graphics displayed.

This problem is caused by the time taken by the graphics engine inside the set to render the graphics to the screen.

All digital TV sets (Plasma, LCD, DLP, etc) may experience this because the original lower resolution signal from a non High Definition Game machine is "upconverted" or expanded to fit the native resolution of the screen display.

This can cause an unacceptable lag between sound, vision, or even key input.

The last one is a game killer...

Because it is still early days for the HDTV industry, there are many problems like this that may crop up, and especially in terms of video gaming.

The workaround / solution?

1.. Use a matching resolution on your HDTV as your resolution on the game console.

If that is not possible.. It's an older game system, like a PS2..

Then try this...

2.. Some models of HDTV set have a game mode that may alleviate this problem.

Check in the menu system of your TV.

3.. Also, using VGA cables or adapters can fix the problem, if your Game unit has them available, just check with your supplier.…

Many sets do not enhance the incoming signal on the VGA input at all, meaning NO lag.

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