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BluRay vs HD DVD? What Gives?

There were 2 HDTV DVD formats, BluRay and HD DVD.


On the 20th February 2008, Toshiba announced that it had stopped production of HD-DVD players, throwing in the towel, and ending the format war.

Since they were the major technology backers of HD-DVD, the only remaining system is Blu-Ray.

Big Stores have begun including free Sony BluRay BD (The latest version) players when you buy HD 1920x1080p sets.

These promotions started before Christmas 2007.

These bundles are ongoing as well.

Possibly the key reason for BluRay dominating it's competition at this time.

Warner Bros. announced that they were dropping support for the other format, therefore BluRay players dominated 90% of HD hardware sales early in 2008.

Some facts about both formats...

There were players being released that play both formats.

Supplies of these will dry up quickly.

But currently, the number of Blu-Ray titles available is growing quickly.

The major advantage of BluRay is size, the disc can hold 50G of data vs 30G for HD-DVD, both dual layer.

The major feature of HD-DVD was that it would not require major retooling of plants for manufacture of discs.

And just to add another wrinkle, new movie discs have been reported that play in both formats.

They are not available yet, and probably won't be ever.

On the other hand, there are new players that have an upscaling feature which can improve the output of a standard DVD.

This will allow playback in a simulated HDTV style which will provide very good results on your HDTV.

But, it is not HDTV. Just a fancy picture quality improvement device.

That will be very useful if you don't want to go for replacing your movies and your DVD player with a Full HDTV DVD player as yet.

The other major improvements that Blu-Ray discs have over regular DVD discs is the Anti Scratch Hard Coating they have, and the snazzy interactive menu system.

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