HDTV Converter Coupon? How Do I Get One? Where Do I get one?

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HDTV Converter Coupon? Where Do I get one?

Actually, the government has set up a few sites for information and coupon redemption so you can get your 2 hdtv converter box coupon.

All you need to do is go to one of them, and claim your coupons.

Here is the actual DTV 2009 Official Government Coupon Site ...Then you can get your hdtv converter rebate and get an almost free hdtv converter box, because the difference is almost nil.

Many Standard Digital Converter boxes are the same price as two $40 coupons, which you will be eligible for.

But this is equivalent to the cost of a standard definition box or digital only box.

Not a Digital HDTV Converter Box with HDTV built in, which are more expensive.

You will need to weigh up the difference in price and functions,

Because you will not see High Definition on a Standard box.

Common Questions people have here.

Are digital converters the same as HDTV converters?


If you get a Digital Converter box you will only receive standard definition.

If you get one of the HDTV converter boxes, well, you WILL get HDTV IF you also have a High Definition TV set.

If you don't have a new HDTV:

Go here to find out how you can use a HDTV converter to use your old set to receive HDTV!

For instance, you can make an Standard LCD convert HDTV, and Standard Plasma convert to HDTV!

How this is done

is explained here...

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