HDTV Converter Box? Get A Digital Television For Peanuts.

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HDTV Converter Box? Convert Your Old TV To Digital!

First of all, there are 2 basic kinds of converter box out there.

Standard Definition Digital Converters:

Which receive only standard definition or SDTV signals and output them to your TV.

HDTV Converters:

Which receive BOTH Standard and High Definition TV signals and output them to your TV.

Many people will say "Well, it's not worth connecting a HDTV or SDTV converter to your old TV..."

I have heard this many times from people who have been shopping for Converter Boxes in stores, and the sales folk are telling them this.

Even to the extent of telling people that the picture just won't look any good, and that it won't work at all!!

That is Bull$%&@ sales talk...

And that's fine however, if you DO have plans to buy an HDTV soon.

Of course, they are hoping that will be soon, and that you buy with them for being "helpful"...

But if not, listen up...

Because You CAN connect your old Square Box, Square Eye, old school type TV set to a converter of either type, and enjoy many of the benefits for very little cost.

Go here to learn how... How To Convert Your Old TV To Digital! For instance, the picture quality and sound quality will be much improved over the old Analog type TV pictures you can get now.

The reception quality is improved because the digital signal is immune to ghosting, and noise in the signal which displays on screen as snow.

The sound is improved because it is also received as digital and is also able to be fed directly from the back of the Converter Box direct to your stereo equipment.

There are programs out there to assist with the purchase of a DCB, for example the Coupon Program in the USA. (New Window) In the US, there may be close to no cost to the consumer at all.

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