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EDTV: What To Look For, And How To Avoid A Lemon...

There is a lot of confusion around about this kind of Hi Def TV.

Enhanced Definition Television: is a TV that displays at most 852x480p pictures...

[852 Horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels]

408,960 total pixels or PICture ELementS.

And, that p stands for progressive scan pictures meaning: No lines. Too Geeky?


An Enhanced Definition TV is not a HDTV... It cannot be upgraded to High Def, but it CAN display HD pictures.

Sounds weird. How is that done?

With some electrickery.

The pictures or video signals must first have been downscaled or compressed to fit inside the panel, since the panel has a fixed number of pixels.

The set has a built in circuit that takes care of this.

Basically, even though the set will display these pictures, they are still compressed versions of the original.

So the quality of the pictures will not be as good as original.

The only type of digital TV that can display all resolutions available in full resolution is a 1920x1080p Hi Definition TV.

There are 3 levels of HD resolution that matter...

EDTV which is up to 852 x 480: Old now, Not common in stores...

Standard HD TV or 720p HDTV 1280x720 or 921,600 pixels: Common, 720p.

Full HD 1920x1080P HDTV Television or 2,073,600 pixels: Common, 1080p

Just to confuse things further, there are loads more other ED TV resolutions that have been all lumped together somehow.

They are popular TV sizes nevertheless.

Included for completeness really.

Here they are...

Fixed pixel designs that measures at least...

1280:720 (Example: Rear-projection DLP)

1280:768 (Ex: LCD flat panel), or

1366:768 (Ex: Plasma TV) resolution.

They are all popular because they can cover smaller screen sizes, like 26". And they look fine.

Basically they are popular because they are cheaper than Full High Definition Television.

At this point, the gold standard for a H D television is 1920x1080P, which means that the Display Panel, or the screen on a Flat screen TV, is capable of displaying a High Resolution picture from a Blu-Ray Disc Player, Hi Def Cable, High Definition Satellite, or an FTA TV Station.

The main reason for getting a Full High Definition TV set is if you are going for a large TV.

Because anything that is low res or equivalent to DVD quality on a 50'' tv does not look as good as a TV that size should.

EDTV, explained and it's Not Geeky.

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