DTV 2009? When is the changeover?

DTV 2009? Where are the coupons?

First of all, the changeover date is called the Digital Transition date, or Digital Change over date.

It happens on Feb 17, 2009

Many people are looking for the High Definition Changeover Date.

This is not quite correct, as a Digital TV is not always a High Definition TV.

A digital TV could be an old set with a converter box, or an LCD or Plasma TV with a Digital Tuner.

Even an old TV can be converted to Digital with the use of a Digital Converter Box.

It works kind of like a Free cable box that you use for DirectTV cable service

This will not make your TV into a high definition set, however.

You will be able to watch the TV shows that are broadcast in High Definition, only if you have a High Definition digital box.

Using the video output socket, which is the yellow RCA output socket, you can view digital and High Definition on an old TV.

One that is not widescreen and not high definition.

Naturally, the aspect or widescreen options are unavailable or limited on an older TV, but it will likely still work fine.

Basically you get DVD standard playback quality, which may be perfectly OK for many people.

Your choices are:

[1] Keep your old TV, and buy a TV converter box, that will allow you to continue using your TV until you are ready to buy a HDTV. Convert Your TV to Digital!

[2] Use or continue to use a Satellite, Cable or Pay TV service, which is already digital.

[3] Buy a Digital TV set.

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