DirectTV? Or DishNetwork?

DirectTV or DishNetwork? That is the question...

Right now, Cable + Satellite providers are in a battle to own the HDTV programming market...

Cable and satellite networks are clashing in the market over market share.

The best thing about this is that prices will fall, and features will rise.

HDTV is expected to be the biggest seller ever this year and the rumbles are beginning to knock over the competition like ninepins.

Some of the smaller companies unable to supply HD programming will go to the wall.

Providers like DirectTV and DishNetwork in the US, and Austar and Foxtel in Australia should rise to the occasion and provide HD programming that is better than the Free OTA or FTA networks.

They have made smart inroads already, DirecTV and Dish Network providing retailers with HD programming in stores.

If you see the logo in stores, it's obvious who provides the feed.

This might be a powerful sales link.

If the retailers get behind it, and start educating people, the number of returned HDTV sets will be a lot lower.

FACT: Up to 20% of HDTV units are returned, because of dissatisfaction with the picture.

Why? Because the customer connects their old TV signal with it's grainy low definition pictures, and also gets black bars at the left and right, or black bars top and bottom of the picture.

The thing that people dislike is the bars top and bottom, but especially they hate black bars left and right.

To escape them, they will expand everything, making even the slimmest stars look 40lbs overweight.

So what they get is a grainy blown up version of what they had before.

Lack of knowledge by customers that is the major problem for customers getting high definition pictures.

Many HDTV buyers are in the dark about the fact that to get Great pictures like they see in store, they must:

Subscribe to cable or satellite and specify High Definition, or:

Use an Antenna to receive Free Over The Air HD transmissions from their local broadcaster.

Many of the pictures you get are a bit grainy, kind of like blowing up an old photo on your computer.

This is because most content that is available for networks was not shot in HD. It gives box shaped pictures on a widescreen set.

So it must first be upconverted or expanded to fit the new format HDTV sets.

Cable has attracted huge amounts of subscribers by including internet, telephone, and FTA television into one package.

Satellite operators will not relax however, on the HDTV front and give up the High Definition fight to the FTA and Cable networks.

They are all Gunning for the HDTV market by bundling HD services and extras.

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