Digital TV Antenna? Can I Use My Existing Antenna?

Digital TV Antenna? How Do I Check That Digital Reception Is Good Enough?

Don't be fooled by advertisements for these types of antennas, because the standard tv antenna is exactly the same.

There is no physical difference between the two.

The only thing to keep in mind is simply, what type of antenna do you need?

If You want to receive Free To Air broadcasts, you need an antenna.

Do You Need An indoor or an outdoor antenna?

How to tell which type you need...

Look around your neighbourhood, and see which type of antenna is mounted on rooftops.

If there are antennas around about, then you will probably also need an outdoor antenna.

Or alternatively, ask around.

You may find that indoor antennas are used for FTA reception in your area.

If you already have an antenna installed, you may already have reception quality that is sufficient for digital.

If your old school (Read analog) TV picture is currently good and you have no problems with it, meaning it is not snowy...

When you connect a hdtv converter or a High Definition set TV, and connect your antenna, you may find that the reception on digital is just fine.

But if you have no picture, see here for an explanation of what to look for...

HDTV Antenna

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