Cheapest HDTVS FAQ...Avoid The Pitfalls...

Cheapest HDTVS..

Get the best value for Your hard earned money...

Want to know how not to get scammed?

You WILL feel scammed if you buy the cheapest HDTVs that don't perform like the salesman says it will, or that you ASSUME it will..

For example, lots of people have been told that if you buy a set marked LCD HDTV READY, or a Plasma HDTV READY, that you will get a TRUE HDTV.

Nothing could be further from the truth..

If you look at the specs, a lot of the cheaper models DON'T go to 1920X1080P HDTV which is the level it needs to be compatibile with almost any HDTV source you connect.

For example, Xbox 360, PS3, HDTV Tuner, or HD DVD players etc. :(

Now, granted, you may get a picture, and it may be really good.

But, it isn't HDTV.

It is a Downscaled or compressed picture.

(Put another way, the picture has been "compressed" to fit the physically "smaller" panel)

More about that here...

And it won't be outdated any time soon...

1080P HDTV Explained

Here is a little bit about the work that the Graphics Chip performs...

For a HD READY TV,If the signal resolution in equals the panel, no change...

If the resolution in is greater, downscale it to fit the panel.

If the resolution in is lower, upscale it to fit the panel.

For a 1920x1080P HDTV,The math is, Signal resolution in equals panel, no change...

If the resolution in is smaller, upscale to fit the panel...

The way to find this detail out is Google it. Search the model number and brand of the TV you are interested in.Look for forums where other people are talking about their experience.It just may put you on the right track.

Yes, you must do a little research.

Don't be in a blazing hurry to buy, they will still be there tomorrow.

Just find out if the model you are interested in has 1920x 1080p capability.

If not, it may still be a bargain, as a lot of lower grade panels have great "scaling" or signal upgrading/downgrading features, if you are prepared for that.

IF you are going to use the HD Ready set to watch TV and HDTV, it is quite likely perform well, as long as it has a built in HDTV tuner.

You however, can't find out everything just by reading the specs.

You actually need to connect it to all the different equipment you have to see if it will work using the various connectors that the panel has available on the back.

This is a real chore if you buy the set, take it home, connect it up and the screen says "Unsupported" or "Out of range" when you connect some of your existing "HD Ready" or HDTV stuff to it, using HDMI or DVI or component cables.

And there is one more thing.

The connectors on the rear of many lower resolution (read not TRUE HDTV) may not work with your equipment.

Many sets have DVI or HDMI or PC connectors that only work with PC or computer input, and others only with TV type input.

This is because there are quite a few standards out there for these connectors, and the lower grade sets have ONLY ONE standard available.

So back to the original need for the Cheapest HDTVS.

You will find them by doing your due diligence.

Don't think you can skimp on this, otherwise, you could be caught.

And you may not have been REALLY scammed, but YOU didn't get the HDTV set you wanted.

The take home message?

Remember, 1920x1080P is True HDTV.HD Ready is just that.. Ready but not Really HDTV.

Buying a True 1920x1080P HDTV is absolutely the best way to get the cheapest HDTVS.

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