Cheap LCD TV? You Get What You Pay For...

Cheap LCD TV: You pay for what you get...

We can start with the old saying.. You get what you pay for..

It could also mean those overstock sales where the prices are really cheap...

Remember, old stock sells cheap too.

What you need to look for:

Panel size in pixels. Currently, there are a lot of Cheaper LCD TV sets sold with sub standard panels and cheap processor boards.

Also, in some models the build quality is not as good as better known name brands, especially amongst some of the "I never heard of it" brands.

Sub standard Panels:

Many cheaper sets are made with panels that would be called "seconds" or second rate in manufacturer's talk.

Meaning they have more defects. Stuck pixels, etc.

In many cases, these defects are not very obvious to the naked eye with regular TV programs.

You need a microscope, and software to run tests for exposing these types of faults.

The manufacturer gets less money for these, and sells the A1 panels to the highest bidder.

Even worse, many of these so called LCD TV sets are simply repurposed Computer LCD screens.

How to tell?

If they are cheaper than the other sets on sale, why are they cheaper?

Graphics Processor boards: They have 8 Bit or even 6 Bit processors.

The picture quality suffers greatly with 6 Bit processing, and even 8 Bit while better, is not the best.

The better type of processing and sampling for TV is 10 bit.

As you will see when you click below, the 10 bit vs 8 bit wrangle has been going on for some time now.

The fact is, it's cheaper for makers to use these chips and boards, as they are less expensive.

And the Cheap LCD TV produced with these will be less expensive, if inferior in picture quality.

10 Bit Versus 8 Bit. It's Important To Read This...

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