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Wouldn't you love to have a knowledgeable friend reading over your shoulder as you look at the latest ads for HDTVs?

Someone who is an independent expert on the subject?

How To Buy a HDTV set that will suit your room, won't break your budget, and will give you the best sound and picture quality.

How large a screen do you want (or need?)

To figure this out, you need to look at your room size.

If your room is a smaller space, you will need to go smaller. Your current TV set is possibly a 20" to 26".

So that will give you a clue.

Don't be tempted to go for the largest size you can afford, just remember your room size.

If your room is medium to large, then by all means go for a large size TV, with one other detail.

Wall mount or table mounting?

If you mount on a table, you need to consider the weight of the TV.

Same thing goes for the wall mount.

Most of those larger Plasma HDTV sets 42" and over are HEAVY. I'm talking a 50" 60lbs.. or more!

A 65" Plasma can weigh in at 140lbs or more.

LCD is lighter, but still consider the weight.

I have seen a lot of tables and entertainment units buckle under the strain.

When that happens, the Plasma or LCD will fall.

And when it does, you will have a broken panel, and damaged cabinet, a broken stand, a injured child, or a injured pet.

Not to mention damage to your floor, or any other stuff nearby.

The number one cause of fatal accidents in homes involving children is TV sets or entertainment units becoming an interesting toy.

A child clambering on one or pets playing near one has caused many tears to be shed.

Large or massive room?

You may need to consider HD Rear Projection or a HD projector.

Remember, they use a lamp, and they are expensive when they wear out. [$300 - $600]

LCD or Plasma?

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What to feed the set when you buy HDTV and you have got it home?

1: Live Free OTA TV.

Local TV stations transmit HD programs, but the quality varies dramatically, and you need an antenna with good reception.

2: Cable. DirecTV. DISH.

All of them have HD channels.

3: BluRay

These systems are great, because at this point, they are the only way to get FULL HD output, and you can still buy a combination player that handles both formats.

4: PS3 and XBox 360. The PS3 will double as a BluRay player.

So a PS3 has advantages, if you can wrest it from the kids who HAVE to play games on it...

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