Best HDTV Antenna? Directional?

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Best HDTV Antenna? Or Omndirectional...

Explaining the common terms first.

Directional means that the antenna receives signals from one angle best.

Omnidirectional means that the antenna picks up signals from all directions equally.

First of all, we want to check whether you can receive Free Over the air analog channels.

Secondly, whether you can receive Digital, and HD channels as well.

Do you have an old school type TV or a new Digital TV?

And an outside antenna?

And do you have, or are thinking of a new HDTV?

OK. Try the Outside Antenna with your new TV.

If you don't have a new TV and or an outside antenna, then you should follow this procedure to figure out what you need for yourself...

A really simple way to check what you may need for Free OTA TV reception is first ask around the neighbourhood, and find out what other people use.

Or Google it.

This will save you tons of time.

Failing that, try this..

Rabbit Ears

Get a cheap set of "Rabbit Ears" which should cost about $5 - $10, plug them in and tune in an analog old school TV.

They will be all over the place for cheap right now, and all you need extra is a standard portable TV for this test.

You will get a good idea of signal strength and whether you need to step up the search for a better antenna.

Unless you already have an outside antenna...

There should be sound with no hissing noises, and the picture should have no "snow" which is a reasonable signal level indicator.


The signal level WITH SNOW will be too low for Digital reception.

Maybe you can amplify it with an amplified antenna.

With sometimes iffy results.

Or install an outside antenna. You may need to call a pro.

No snow? You are good to go with digital.

Try tuning in your Digital TV or HDTV in the same way, using the rabbit ears.

Here are some customer comments about various antennas..

"We live in the sparsely populated, low hill countryside of Western Massachusetts. The THDTVa Directional Antenna effortlessly brings in between 20 and 30 analogue and digital (incl hdtv) channels broadcast most from 12 to 45 miles away, and some as far as 65+ miles away in Connecticut. Some digital OTA channels actually come in more sharply than some of the (Dish) satellite digital channels.

This is definitely a keeper: a great value, gem of an antenna. So good, in fact, we are debating giving up our $50/month Dish service, putting $15 of that to Netflix to replace HBO, and banking the remaining $35."

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