Best HD Projector? And Which Model?

Best HD Projector? And Which Model...

It has taken me quite a long time to realise that the home projector requires totally different specifications compared to a Flat panel.

For example, for flat panels, 1080p panels are preferred.

But 1080p projectors are very expensive.

And for the difference in price, you can buy 3 or more 720p projectors.

Projectors provide a very good side benefit, in that you can have a truly outstanding massive picture.

Noise output is a major consideration, as is light output.

Also remember mounting considerations, will it be ceiling or table mounted?

Light engine in this model is completely sealed...

This means this avoids the problem of 100 hour cleaning that most other models require.

Also the optics will stay clean and dust free for the life of the unit.

Many projectors need factory service for this problem.

The model I have selected for you to compare against all others is:

Feature List

True HD Enjoy true HD content from HD feeds.

Brilliant Color™ Allows for more vivid, rich colors while increasing mid-tones and superior black levels.

Digital keystone correction Allows user to manually adjust for keystone correction.

Screen format selection: Multiple options for viewing formats – 720p (16:9), 480i/480p (4:3) and Cinema scope (2.35:1).

12V trigger: Compatible for motorized screen control.

HDMI Input True High Definition input for the best quality video display.

RCA component connectors Allows connection to additional sources.

True 10 bit Provide 4 times the number of gradations over standard 8 bit processing, giving you richer more fluid black levels.

The Best HD Projector by a country mile!

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