Plasma vs LCD? Is Plasma The Best?

Plasma vs LCD? Is LCD the best?


Have I changed my mind?

I previously thought that Plasma was an older technology and had been overtaken by LCD, and let's face it, they were first produced in 1964: Years back.

The Plasma sets built then were only suitable for companies with deep pockets, and the were not even color, but orange screens suitable for mainframe type computer terminals.

Only recently has it become affordable.

I thought that LCD will take over because it is newer and lighter and less power hungry.

But I have seen the light, or should I say, a fabulous Plasma on display at a store near me.

It was a Pioneer Kuro 42" HDTV with 1080p resolution.

A Blu-Ray disc was playing in it's full high definition glory with Planet Earth, which looked breathtaking, almost like liquid 3d.

There is no other way to describe it, especially since the other sets were also displaying the same content.

Unfortunately all the other sets paled by comparison.

If the only Plasma TV display you've seen is in your grocery store, or in your local Budget Warehouse...

You are going to get a massive fright...

The picture quality of some of the latest Plasma HDTV Sets beats the best LCD HDTV out there.

The gamut or range of colors, massively wide ranging contrast levels, and vastly expanded viewing angles of large screen Plasma HDTV sets is much better than LCD is right now.

And I don't see them catching up in that department anytime soon.

There has been a battle over Plasma versus LCD for a long time and it has been sorted. Well almost!

All the signs are that Pioneer will maintain dominance of picture quality for years to come, because of their extremely advanced panels and video processing technology.

Pioneer Kuro HDTV.. The Best Plasma...

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