32 LCD HDTV? How To Pick The Top Value Set...

32 LCD HDTV? How To Pick The Top Value Set... While Avoiding The Junk...

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32 LCD HDTV is the most popular screen size around the stores and this size is perfect for smaller rooms and for smaller houses with smaller living rooms.

Just remember that this size range is LCD only.

No Plasma tv sets because they can't compete in this sizing.

Following are some useful ideas that will ensure you pick a tv that will fit your budget, your room, and will make you happy with your new sets performance...

The first thing to look at is how much you want to spend.

If you go in with a figure in your mind as to affordability, you are ahead of the game, because no sales talk will deflect you from your target.

Look for a brand name that you like and are familiar with.

A nationally known brand like Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, LG, or Samsung is the way to go...

For example, at the moment, Sony has a promotion with a Blu-Ray player and bonus DVD discs, so keep an eye out for deals like that.

Look out for sets with 1080p capability.

Also make certain that the set you have selected has a HD tuner installed, as this will ensure that you don't need an external HD converter box,

You will ensure a certain level of quality that is missing in cheaper sets with no HD tuner.

Another trick to detect cheap panels is simply walk up to the set in question, and look up at the screen up close, by crouching down or if this is not possible, look directly down at the picture.

This will expose the cheaper types of panel which give a false image or a negative looking image when you do this.

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