26 LCD HDTV? Avoid the cheap junk ...

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And get the Best 26 LCD HDTV with these simple hints...

The most wanted size at the moment, and the size that virtually guarantees that you will be comparing LCD to LCD.


Because 1080p Plasma HDTV can't be made economically in this size...

So here are some tips to buying a 26" set that will make you happy with your new purchase.

First, select by price, then brand.

For instance, look for the price that is within your budget, then look for a brand name you recognize.

For example, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG or Panasonic.

This way, you will avoid the problem of buying a brand name you haven't heard of simply based on price alone.

This will ensure that you don't buy a set that will be a poor performer, because brand name sets are made (generally) at a much higher quality.

Another thing to look for is 1080p capability.

If the set you are looking at doesn't have 1080p, all is not lost, just make sure it has a HD Tuner built in.

This will ensure that you can watch High Definition programs on the set, without needing to delve too far into the numbers behind resolution.

Another trick to detect cheap panels is simply walk up to the set in question, and look up at the screen up close, or if this is not possible, look directly down at the picture.

This will expose the cheaper types of panel which give a false image or a negative looking image when you do this.

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